About Jim

Hi. My name is Jim McGrath, and I’m currently a postdoctoral fellow in Digital Public Humanities at Brown University‘s John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural HeritageI’m interested in digital humanities, digital archives, public history, public humanities, the history of reading, libraries, new media, poetry, and comic books. Check out the rest of my site to learn about the digital projects I’ve worked on and the classes I’ve taught at Brown and elsewhere.

I am pretty easy to find on Twitter (@JimMc_Grath). You can also email me at james_mcgrath[at]brown[dot]edu. I’m currently available to consult on projects similar to the ones outlined below: please be in touch if you’re interested! I’m also happy to discuss my work in digital humanities, digital archives, public humanities, and digital public humanities (among other topics) in your classroom or at your university, schedule and resources permitting! Feel free to check out my CV to learn more about my work!

I have a doctorate in English from Northeastern University. My dissertation, “Borrowed Country: Digital Media, Remediation, and North American Poetry in the Twenty-First Century,” examines the social dimensions of reading, writing, and publishing poetry in digital contexts (ebooks, Wikipedia articles, social media networks like Twitter) in the twenty-first century. Poets surveyed in the dissertation include John Ashbery, Anne Carson, Kevin Young, Steve Roggenbuck, and Patricia Lockwood. You can read the dissertation here, via Northeastern’s Digital Repository Service. Some of its ideas will be revised and remediated in the form of academic articles, blog posts, tweets, and other modes of writing.