“And then…” (House of X and Powers of X Coda)

Two repetitive panels from House of X #2 ("And then..." captions accompanied by black panels)
House of X #2 (2019)

The last time I fired up this blog, I was closing in on the conclusion of a series of weekly write-ups on Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men relaunch. Writing a “recap” style series was pretty exhausting, and in retrospect I think the only recap writing series that has stood the test of time anyway is Tom Scharpling’s commentary on the 2011 season of Celebrity Apprentice, so I have no regrets walking away from an unpaid gig that ultimately failed to bring me joy.

I am still thinking a lot about the current state of the superhero serial narrative. There’s an art to collaborating on a monthly mainstream comic: writers, artists, designers, and editors are all variously attending to the work on a particular issue, while also keeping a careful eye on what came before and what’s up ahead. This work seems particularly challenging in our present moment due to a range of factors: the high price points for single issues, preferences for collected editions and binge-ready batches of longer-form storytelling, disruptions to the temporal rhythms of buying and reading monthly comics.

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