New Course: Digital Storytelling (Brown University, Spring 2019)

In the Spring of 2019, I’m teaching “Digital Storytelling,” a graduate-level course that institutionally resides in Brown University’s Public Humanities program. You can view the course site here. As I mentioned on Twitter, I’ll be using the blog on the course site to think out loud about the class from my vantage point as its instructor. The first post, which will hopefully be up soon, will focus on pre-course development stuff: how I’m wrapping my head around a course called “Digital Storytelling,” how this course fits into other courses in our program and at Brown, the thinking behind course objectives, assignments, and readings, etc. I’m viewing the blog primarily as a resource for other instructors and educators, but it may also be of interest to students here and elsewhere. Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in other courses I’ve taught in my 15+ years in higher ed (including the version of “Digital Storytelling” I taught at Brown in the Spring of 2017!), check out the “Teaching” portion of my site. Please be in touch if you’d like to talk more: I’m always happy to discuss pedagogy and digital pedagogy, and I’m interested in working in educational environments that are invested in and supportive of these sorts of courses. And thanks to everyone who has supported my teaching at Brown and elsewhere!

Questions, comments? Feel free to email me at or get in touch with me on Twitter @JimMc_Grath.

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